Nudist Weekend Plans


Many of you know my Aunt and Uncle started a Nudist Resort back in 1964,

when folk called them colonies. (Naturist, for my European friends.)

  Now it is a Sunbather’s Association, AANR recognized, 5 star, TNS “Resort”.

This is where I will be spending my weekend.

  Post to follow.

Fun, Fun

It is Biker Weekend and we are hoping to see some cool bikes.



Limited online or email interaction for the next couple of days 🙂

6 thoughts on “Nudist Weekend Plans

  1. It is actually supposed to be near 80 degrees here this weekend – not sure if we will have enough sun to sunbathe though – and mine will most certainly be with a swimsuit if I do 🙂

    I hope you have a fun weekend – soak up some laughs and some sun – you can never go wrong with that


  2. Back in the day I use to work there in the front office. Before kids and before knowing about an uncircumcised penis! I made the office staff howl in laughter when I asked “what was wrong with that penis” after the man left the office! A beautiful place to work and live. I need to visit again, its been 20 years or better since I’ve been there.


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