Poetry: Mixed, not Blended

A poem on culture and community: by Glitterwriter

MJ Reads


We live in sprawling mansions on the hill

People beneath us living across the tracks

Oh yes, we get along quite well

But we really know the facts

We live in a mixed community

Right outside of New York City

Embracing all of our differences

Blatant segregation is such a  pity

Of course our friends aren’t only white

We volunteer at the shelter every Tuesday night

Ensuring that we keep our cliques so tight

Keeping a watchful eye on everyone in sight

We’d like our children to have a play date

Should it be at my mansion or at your place?

Agreeing that our children get along so great

Sorry, we have to cancel but, of course, it’s not due to your race!

The greatest farce is that we blend together, that’s the rub

People are brushed aside as if they’re just a bug

Continuing to…

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