Wednesday Feature: An Interview with S.K. Nicholls

Marie Ann Bailey, writer and aspiring author, and I had a wonderful interview at her home here in Florida recently. Red and enjoy. She asked me some things I had not thought about. It was a fun interview,


Welcome to an interview with S.K. Nicholls, author of Red Clay and Roses.  Susan also has a blog at and is an editor and contributor at The Community Storyboard.


M:  Susan, thank you so much for agreeing to be interviewed.  I’m excited to be able to talk with you about your current book, Red Clay and Roses, as well as the novel you are currently working on.

SK:  I am delighted to be here.  What a lovely home, and your new kitchen is fantastic.  What a great job!

M:  Thank you!  Let’s sit out on my porch.  Our backyard is kind of like a green jungle with the palms and water oaks and hydrangeas.  I thought it might remind you a bit of Georgia.  Would you like something to drink?

SK: I love it out here, such a nice habitat.  I live on my back porch. Yes, please…

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4 thoughts on “Wednesday Feature: An Interview with S.K. Nicholls

  1. Susan, I remember you telling me back in 2002 when we worked together. PEDS, about the ledger, I ran into someone last night that told me she too worked with you at a later time and was filling me in on things. When I have more time Will read your blog…….Denise Brunson

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