CreateSpace and Me: New Developments


This is where I get to suck it up and eat crow.  This is my new paperback proof!  It is finally here!

All hope is not lost after all.  CreateSpace, after my Customer Service call to them, fast-forwarded their process to get my proof to me ASAP.  While they had a slight oversight and failed to note that I had requested four extra proofs be sent, they are sending those overnight delivery today.  They should be here by October 1st.

What’s that you say?  You thought I had an October 1st deadline with the contest?  You are right.  And Charles Yallowitz, I owe you one…you were right too.  There WAS a way to work it out.

I called the prize contest coordinators in NYC, and they tell me to go ahead and send overnight to them, as they have items trickling in all week d/t mail and such, so they are not excruciatingly strict.

I do not expect to win the contest, but at least it is a way to get the book read, perhaps by some who could be influential in promotions.  An honorable mention would be delightful, but it isn’t an expected outcome.  Being able to follow through on my reader’s groups’ expectations of me, and get this book entered at all is the accomplishment.  I am very happy today.

33 thoughts on “CreateSpace and Me: New Developments

    1. I don’t know if you read my long lament on how CreateSpace did not meet my expectations or not, I really did lay it on. I was more than upset with them, as it seemed that they were shrugging their shoulders and going, “Too bad, so sad!” After all the promises they had made, they weren’t delivering. But in the end….they came through for me.


      1. It does…this is my book. It has a whole different feel to it than putting the eversion out there. This seems more like a “real” book. I know ebooks are real too…but sometimes I am so very old school, and so are my readers/my audience.


  1. I know ! I got my proof(cover yet to be done) three weeks ago.I probably paid a great deal more than you because mine is 100 full color cartoons not text. About eight modifications need to be made , 2 my fault, 6 theirs but all relatively minor. It has taken about three months to get to this point but they told me that at the beginning. 100 color images is very costly to manufacture so my sale price may seem steep. I have been treated very well at createspace and the staff has been very kind and patient with me. Should be ready to go in three weeks. I have material for three more books and is a matter of saving up to begin again.


    1. That is really cool! I can’t imagine doing such an elaborate book. Complex. I am glad you had a good experience with them. Mine would have been better had they just been straight with me from the get go.


    1. I would be glad to do that. It is a lot thicker in print than I imagined it would be. With the two parts to the story it came out at 417 pages total in a 5.25X8 print book. The font size is good but I would have liked the handwritten letters to have been a little larger. I think when you are trying to read handwriting (cursive) over print it helps to have it a little larger. It’s well readable though.


    1. Thank you. We did good, huh? I am so very glad to get this far. It has taken twice as long as I expected, but I know it will be worth it in the long run. I was just feeling lousy to have others having faith in me and my book, and then me not meeting my responsibilities. That sucked. But all is well that ends well.


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