Timelines Giving You Fits?

timeline image

If you write, or are even thinking about writing, you NEED this!  It is brilliant and it’s FREE!

If you struggle with timelines and need to know birthdays and ages, and ages at specific events in time, this is the program for you!

My new friend Vicki Thompson, from across the pond…yes the one who got me connected with the Scrivener courses at the perfect moment in time, has just done it again.

It comes to us via Wendy Clarke, and her exceptionally clever “new” husband (a keeper for sure).

It is called Wendy’s Story Timeline and it is available here, where you can also see the simple instructions.  No more scribbling out timelines that span five pages.  You can also see events in one character’s life relative to events in another’s at a glance.  No more marrying off your character at the age of eight!  The new version also has a DOB calculator.  How nifty!

It comes loaded with Kings and Queens, and some other historic events, but you can put anything in here, save it, and make more.  Feel free to pass this on, no fees, all she asks for is a comment and a post.  How truly generous!

I have already downloaded, played with this, and it is really simple.  Seriously, can’t wait to use it.

timeline details

timeline DOB calculator

26 thoughts on “Timelines Giving You Fits?

      1. Indeed – that’s huge, and I really do appreciate their generosity.

        I’m going to have fun with the timeline thing this weekend. First free weekend in a while, and I’m ready to work and play with my books.


      2. That’s great. With my last book I had timelines written out all over the place, on poster paper, grocery bags…everywhere. This would have been a most useful tool.


  1. Just wanted to let your readers know that to download they need to click file and then download to the left of the timeline NOT the download button that comes up in a red box as this won’t work. We hope you all enjoy playing with it and do come and have a now around my blog – you’re very welcome! Wendy and very clever husband.


    1. You guys are just terrific! I had no trouble downloading at all. It doesn’t come in a fancy package, so when I got a grey screen, I thought I had done something wrong, and the I saw how to download. This is just great! Thank you ever so much 🙂


      1. Absolutely, I mean who can remember every detail without a little help. It is however one of those frustrating things in novels if the writer messes it up, like when Summer follows Autumn and similar continuity errors.


      2. I read a political thriller once that has Reagan before Carter…totally blew me away and I lost all confidence in the author at that point. Crazy, silly little errors that can totally ruin it.


  2. Thanks for the reblog, sure hoping some authors in need can find and download this, and it’s free. Wendy and her husband are amazing. I would have never thought, as much attention as I paid to historic detail in my book that I would have had an error, and on reading the proof copy that I just received, I found one (and it isn’t slight). Thank God there is still time to correct before it is released for print.


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