Did You Vote? Runaway Writer Found on Beach, Heart Broken, but Alive!

Patti need your Votes!!! You don’t have to comment, just vote in the poll. She is pulling a close second place with her story and needs votes!!!  Also, Please, please , please.. fried her and share her facebook link with your facebook friends.  The contest is only until midnight tonight Pacific time. https://www.facebook.com/patti.hall.3950


Read and vote, please http://soniamarsh.com/2013/07/how-personal-tragedy-brought-writing-back-into-my-life.html#comment-40972 Voting is quick and simple.

I had my days mixed up, a shockingly rare occurrence—not! Without my name tag, I don’t usually know my name:>) I thought yesterday was last day to vote:>(

As of 12:43 Pacific time the voting is 47-51. My main competitor has made this a fun race…we’ve been dueling with feathers on facebook. Thanks, peeps!


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