Widgets and Headers and Footers, Oh My!

Yes, I know, it is rather dark. I have been commenting but not posting for the last few days because I have been lost in the world of WordPress themes.  Did you know that there are over 250 themes available from WordPress, and many other themes that are WordPress supported?  I have now tried out most of them.  It took a while.

I felt like Dorothy looked when she stepped out of the tornado ravaged house into the land of OZ.  Of course, as many of you know I can be a bit of a clux when navigating the ins and outs of the blogosphere.  I lost all of my widgets going back and forth between themes and had to reestablish them.  Being over 50, with my subsequently impaired memory and inexperience, I had to relearn how to do all of that.  Sometimes, things don’t stay with me like they should.  I also spent some time organizing old posts into more appropriate categories.

When I first started with WordPress , a few short months ago, I picked the Quintus theme only because it was the first theme listed in the examples.  Being WordPress and weblog naïve, I dove in without a clue.  Since that time I have become bored with my theme, so I decided to change it.  I wanted one that would allow for a header image that I can change at liberty.  I also wanted it to appear more contemporary, yet retain some degree of elegance.  Not that there is anything wrong with traditional, it’s just not where I am right now.  With my WIP, I am seriously trying to focus on the future.

I thought about using my facebook banner as a header image because it has my book, Red Clay and Roses, across it and I like the way it looks spread out at length across the page.  With the book on the right hand side, where you can click on the image to go to the novel page it was really overkill, so I decided against it.  There are other reasons why I wanted this particular image.  This is the skyline of Orlando over Lake Eola downtown.  Orlando is not a terribly big city, but it is young and fresh and beautiful.  It plays a part in the work in progress that I have dedicated myself to getting accomplished.  There is a clickable image added to my right sidebar that shows Cypress Cove Resort, my family’s nudist resort, here in Florida for anyone who might be interested. Orlando and a fictional location patterned after The Cove will be featured in the first book of my murder mystery series that is my primary work in progress.

I have joined a local meetup.com group for writing and critiquing that is being established in my neighborhood here by some aspiring authors who have not yet published.   We will be meeting at least monthly, maybe bimonthly.   I am thinking it will be fun to learn and to share with them the wonderful things you all have taught me in the past few months.  I thank you for bearing with me through this learning curve we all must go through.  Have a great and inspiring day.   ~ S.K. Nicholls

19 thoughts on “Widgets and Headers and Footers, Oh My!

  1. I thought that area looked familiar. Went there a few times when I lived in Winter Park. Orlando was a nice city. Kind of quaint, but I come from the suburbs of NYC. Bizarre standards.


    1. Winter Park is one of my favorite communities around here. I spend a lot of time there. It will also be mentioned in my WIP. I like NYC, but I don’t know if I could live there. I spent 6 months in Jamaica Bay when I was 17-18 years old and it was a weird experience.


      1. I’m a suburbanite, so the areas I’m used to are more like Winter Park. NYC feels too clogged and urban for me. I will admit that I miss the closeness of places that I had in Florida. Mostly a wide variety of restaurants and take-out for when I didn’t want to cook.


      2. I know. i am spoiled. there are 37,000 restaurants in the Orlando area and 400,000 hotel rooms. There are 52 million tourist passing through here annually and innumerable transients, either snowbirds or homeless people. The city has a lot of character for being so young. We avoid the touristy places, like Disney and I-Drive, for the most part, but it is fun and large enough to be able to go somewhere and just be anonymous for the day.


      3. I got lost on I-Drive so often because of a wrong turn or bad directions. I did enjoy going to the Disney area a few times. Mostly Seaworld and Animal Kingdom. Though, I spent more time going to the small zoo by Lake Mary. I will say that Florida has better wildlife than the are of New York I live in. Still, I really wasn’t happy down there. I kept feeling like an outsider even after 4 years.


      4. It is still really complicated to navigate. Worse now that they have rebuilt the Convention Center on I-Drive. I felt out of place the first three years that I was here. It was so different from my conservative GA home, but then again, I was living at the nudist resort during that first three years…hahaha


      5. Orlando is cliquish, except for the resort areas around Disney, not nearly as hospitality oriented as GA. I can see how spending time at the zoo would benefit a fantasy writer with learning about animal behavior.


  2. Bravos, Kudos, and Plaudits, Oh my! I doubt that I will change my theme any time soon, but I have changed my “gravatar” photo.Yes, I have been on a huge learning curve too. Here are samples from this month: What is that RSS Feed and how do I promote it? How does Riffle work? And so on. I’m hoping all this brain work will help stave off Alzheimer’s.

    i read your “about” page today. “Family nudist resort” stood out.


    1. It tends to. It is a different sort of place. I have been told that Alzheimer’s can be prevented or at least staved off by brain exercises. I’m not sure if it’s working for me. Of course I might be worse if I didn’t do what I do!


  3. Love the new theme! And don’t fret about navigating through WP and all its widgets and buttons and such. I basically went with a boring theme because I was too intimated (and overwhelmed) by many of the other choices. The widgets drove me crazy for a while and I kept messing up my Facebook Like button. For now, I’m just leaving well enough alone 😉

    I think it’s great that you’ll be meeting with a writing group. Please let us know how that goes. I’ve been in conversations with others about the pros and cons of writing groups. it would be nice to add your impressions to the mix 🙂


    1. I love to learn and to teach. I am mostly concerned about critiquing others unpublished works as I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news and that is what they are looking for…that sort of feedback. One girl has already said she has 250 word for her first book (yes, that was book, not books) so we shall see how this goes. I also don’t wish to be editing for free, so I can direct them to resources, but I don’t agree to do that.


      1. For a brief time I taught writing and in my training, I was taught to always find something good to say about a person’s writing and say that up front. It makes getting the “bad news” more bearable. In my experience, that generally works (even with me 😉 ).


      2. I always do that with book reviews. There is always good. It will be a fun experience, I think, to be exchanging ideas thought and suggestions in real life…more tangible.


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