Sunshine Award


I said that I was not going to post anything this weekend as I am writing heavily, but the talented and sunny Briana Vedsted found at nominated me for this sunshine award.  I do hope you will stop by and pay her a visit as she is one of the most delightful young ladies in the blogasphere that you can come to know.


Post a picture of the award on your blog
Link back to the person who nominated you
List ten random facts about yourself
Nominate ten (I’m doing 5) fellow bloggers who “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”
Comment on their blogs to notify them of their nomination

  1.  My screened in back porch is my most favorite place in the world.
  2.  Weather permitting, I swim every day for an hour to an hour and a half.
  3.  I am trying to loose at least fifty pounds
  4.  My home has a beachy/jungle theme that is done in blues and greens that I find most relaxing. It is like an oasis in a big city.
  5.  I have been to Costa Rica, Canada, Mexico, the U. S. Virgin Islands, the Bahamas and France and would love to travel more in Europe, Asia, India and Australia. I also want to visit Ireland and Egypt.
  6.  There is not enough time in my day even though I only work part time on an as needed basis.
  7.  I am artistic and admire that quality in others, very much an appreciator of arts & crafts.
  8.  Swimming with dolphins and rays is one of the coolest things I have ever done.
  9.  My raspy lilting southern dialect is sexy. (MY husband told me to say that 🙂 )
  10.  There is no greater joy in my life than knowing there are people around me to love and be loved by. That includes blogger people 🙂 I am only nominating five people. If you are busy, already have this award or don’t do these awards, just know that I appreciate you.

Green Embers

Professor VJ Duke

Charles Yallowitz



6 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

    1. Just an FYI, When I click on your name it isn’t linked to your blog so I can’t visit you. Have you added your blog to your gravatar. It should allow me, but it gives me a blank page.


  1. Congratulations on your Sunshine Award! I didn’t know there was an award with such a happy name. I found “mybrandofgenius” through your reply on Sherrey Meyer’s blog, commenting on your associations with the South and with hydrangeas.

    I’m a former “Yank” living in the South with lots of Southern friends. You may want to check out my short post about these intriguing women:


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