Is sex always about love?

Interesting perspectives in comments!

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This is actually a writing post…kind of. We all know I like titles that drag you guys in because I am a comment whore.

Plus Julian Froment started this conversation and asked me not to tell everyone even though he said it in the comments. He is a very reserved gentleman who would never swear and/or make a lewd comment to anyone anywhere. What we like to refer to as proper English Gent. I lie. I digress. Go check out his blog anyway. I hang out there. We can have a drink.

So here is the question. When you are writing and reading, how important is it to you that the characters fall in love with one another before they fall into bed? Do they ever have to fall in love or is the act itself good enough to satisfy you?

When I write love scenes, they can…

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3 thoughts on “Is sex always about love?

    1. Oh thank you! I may not get to it today but I will soon. Some folk don’t like them because they are mere chain letters. I rather like them because I think they let us get to know each other better.


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