Emotional Inspiration


Image from MD JUNCTION

“Put a voice in your hurt and give your tears a sound”

So very often I read an article written by someone who has suffered an angry moment, a pain or a loss.

I wonder sometimes if these people are crying tears as they write their words.  Sometimes I am deeply moved even to the point of tears myself.  Writing and reading can be so very therapeutic.   The therapists at a facility where I was employed as a nurse would have their patients write every day.  They also had required reading assignments.  Writing is cathartic and reading is distracting in a good way.

Some of the very best, most passionate writing I have ever read came from these clients most often while the instigating event was fresh in their minds.  These are very often the folk with the most powerful voice.   I am fortunate to have had these people share their work with me.  It has aided both my understanding and my capacity for empathy.


7 thoughts on “Emotional Inspiration

  1. I am by your side in this campaign. Having journaled for close to half of my life now, I can look back and see the growth, the misunderstandings, eventual understandings, and sometimes, even the humor of it all. Keep writing and keep reading – YES!


    1. Thank you Laura Beth, I truly feel blessed for having been allowed such a close examination of people’s personal lives and when I read someone’s story and feel the passion in their words I feel their emotion. It is powerful stuff!


  2. I cried tears when I tried to write what I am writing now – and literally for a decade could not do it. Now, time later, I am able to write what is the main of my blog, about my son’s early years.

    Love the picture & words here.


  3. You are so right. I could not write about the loss of my mother until recently and she passed when I was 8 years old. I could write about loss and I could write about suicide, but I could never write about her suicide. The people in the blogging community helped me to overcome whatever block I had about it. I have read a lot of what you have written and I applaud your courage. There are so many people you can touch with your words.


  4. I was very moved by the heading, “put a voice in your hurt.” I had never thought of my story in those exact words, but they spoke volumes to me! I had been journaling my fears, hurts, and joys as I witnessed my Mother showing signs of dementia. As I began to share stories with friends and family I was encouraged to go public…..write a book……start blogging. While it was very hard to share my feelings with the world, I learned that I was not alone in my feelings and by sharing my story, I am letting others know that they are not alone either. For all of us, I put a voice in my hurt! My book, “The Alzheimer’s Roller Coaster, The Story of Our Ride” should be available in about a month. I am anxious to hold that book in my hands and share it with others who are feeling lost in the world of Alzheimer’s disease.


    1. I am very excited for you. Telling a true story written with passion and deep meaning is a most gratifying experience. I have also found the WordPress world a warm and receptive community. I have learned tremendous amounts of useful information from other bloggers in sharing their experience, strength and hopes. Good luck with your book and congratulations!


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