I have added links on my novel page to purchasing sources for Red Clay and Roses: a novel by S.K. Nicholls. I will also be adding reviews as they are published. I love reading and writing. This was my first novel and I already have ideas for two or three more and one is currently in the works. I like to have my literary works critiqued and reviewed and I enjoy critiquing and reviewing the literary works of others. I like a variety of books and try not to stay in just one genre. For that reason I have joined a book club. I enjoy seeing different styles of writing. I always learn from the critiques and discussions by members of the book club. I would recommend joining a book club to anyone who loves reading or writing. As I read new books, I will be posting book reviews. Happy reading! Happy writing!

2 thoughts on “Books

    1. Thanks. I appreciate your interest. I should have blogged BEFORE I published the book, I am learning now all of the things that I Should have done first…lol….just how it goes. Trying to read all that people have to say about hard copy versus eBooks. Also learning more about things to do Before self-publishing. We may put this one into hard copy, but I think I need a better cover art design first. We’ll see.


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